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The complete program of cleaning U.S. manufacturer Rector seal in air conditioning and heating.

Cleaning evaporator and condenser cooling systems and air conditioners

-CLEAN-N-SAFE ™ is a non-acidic, nenagrizajuće cleaning the evaporator and air cooled condenser. Effectively cleans and removes dirt and grease from the evaporator. Safe to use and environmentally friendly. Biodegradable and it's very little danger to animals, plants and aquatic life. Do not damage the blades, the surrounding metal, roofing materials, HVAC or other equipment. Can be used as a concentrate or diluted with water, depending on the degree of concentration and speed of cleaning required. Diluted with water used to clean the evaporator coil.

- Foam-A-Coil ™ is a biodegradable non-acidic sparkling cleaning the evaporator, air-cooled condenser, air filters, air conditioning equipment and mechanical equipment. Is available as an aerosol for window units, ice machines and small refrigerators. Currently, removes dirt, oil, grease and dust. Requires no special ventilation and is biologically degradable. Alleviating the high pressure compressor overheated, preventing the premature deterioration of equipment, increasing equipment efficiency and reducing energy costs and other expenses. Includes non-corrosive chemicals and when used as directed is harmless to all metals, including aluminum.

- Renewz a biodegradable non-acidic detergent and bleaching fins (flippers) air-cooled condenser. With its active foam rises and removes tough stains, tar, dirt, oxide film, including the layers of fat dish that appears on the condenser coils found in restaurants. It also effectively removes stains
of nicotine from the air filter. Leaves aluminum surfaces not only bright and shiny, but be completely clean in under five minutes. When used as directed it can be without any consequences, applied to the surfaces of aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Cleaned surface protects against corrosion.

The complete program for disinfection and long-term protection of air conditioners

- Coil Disifectant is a means of destroying germs, disinfect and remove odors. Intended for air ducts, heat exchangers, air filtering equipment, and most other hard surfaces. This means bacteria that cause disease. Economically provides a unique non-acidic cleaner. It can be used in hospitals, homes, dental offices, nursing homes, kindergartens, restaurants, sports facilities, transportation terminals, hotels, factories, office buildings and automobilima.Može be applied to all surfaces of stainless steel, plastic, metal, wood, tiled or enameled surfaces.

- Guardian is designed to prevent the growth and multiplication of bacteria between cleaning. Its unique formula destroys microorganisms that can cause illness and odors and works up to six months. It is used to protect surfaces clean air between the two. The treated surface produces a thin, insoluble in water layer. After washing and disinfecting the area to stay for a long time and microbiologically pure.

Means for cooling the compressor oil treatment: to neutralize oils, detection and determination of the type of oil for refrigeration compressors

- ACID-AWAY ® is a unique, patented chemical neutralization of acid in the compressors and refrigeration systems, in which the observed effects acid, or an increase in acid content. Means of rapidly circulating in the chemical composition and neutralize acids that always appear when it comes to burning out. Once neutralized acid can no longer continue its corrosive effect and cause further burning. Used YA compressor with mineral oil. Vrieme saving money and preventing costly downtime due to faults in the compressor caused by acid acting. Friendly and easy to use.

ACID-AWAY FOR POE is a means to prevent burning out the compressor effective removal of acid that occurs in the polyester oil in cooling. Safe and easy to apply in any size or poluhermetičkih hermetic compressors that use polyester oil. Quickly circulates through the entire system and completely eliminates the acid composition without adverse effects usually after just one treatment. Save time and money by preventing costly downtime due to faults on the compressor caused by acid acting. Friendly and easy to use.

- ACID DETECTOR ™ is a test kit, designed for the field of multi-, by which it reveals acids in oils used in refrigeration. Tim is a means of quickly and accurately determine the smallest traces of acid in all cooling systems with mineral oils. Accurately and quickly detect the presence of acid. Easy to use. Save time and money.

- ACID DETECTOR FOR POE ™ is a tool for the detection of acid in the compressors that operate in the cooling system with polyester oils. Designed for use in the field. Quickly and accurately detects invalid value acid in synthetic oils. Easy to use and quickly discovers acid without waiting for laboratory analysis.

- OIL-ID ™ is a field test kit, which allows to easily and quickly identifies types of refrigerant oils used in refrigeration equipment. This inexpensive product will tell you after a few seconds if the oil is used polyester (POE) or not. Quick and inexpensive method for determining the types of oil. Easy to use. Save money and time. Avoid the costly mistakes caused by mixing synthetic and mineral oils. Can be used with all types of refrigerant oil to check before each addition of refrigerant oil.

Funds for čićenje refrigeration and air conditioning systems in the field of food

- CoolSafe ® is a tool for cleaning the condenser and evaporator of refrigeration and air conditioning, with all the usual formula ukanja impurities, ie. remnants of organic materials with minimal risk to users. The device was mild enough to be used in highly sensitive areas for preparation, storage and handling of food. Ideal for use in glass display cases for cooling food, large refrigerator and freezer. It is also ideal for cleaning of heat exchangers for air conditioners in restaurants and kitchens. The composition of the natural acids are allowed in food products.

- Drainsafe the deblocking agent for the coolant drain. It is designed to quickly dissolve any build up of dirt and biological deposits.
These substances are common in the condensate drain in the refrigerator for milk products, which could cause blockage of the drain and spread of bacteria. Acceptable for use in drains and near areas where food is processed.

Funds for the removal and treatment of water by commercial refrigeration systems

- LIQUID DISCALIT TM is all-purpose solvent scale for use in equipment for cooling and heating. Contains proprietary additives that prevent corrosion and foaming. The indicator shows the color strength (strength) of the product. It is used to remove scale and rust in water heaters, cooling towers, condensers, fans, pumps, compressors, vents and heater coils. Safe means for use on copper, steel, rubber and plastics. The indicator color will show how LIQUID DESCALIT a necessary and when the job is completed. Color blends: Yellow - solution at full strength, Green - solution in high volume, Blue - add more DESCALITA-a - weak strength.